Книги Amazon теперь и в iPhone


Amazon Extends Book Sales Beyond Its Kindle to iPhone – WSJ.com

Amazon.com Inc. plans to release a program Wednesday for reading electronic books on Apple Inc.’s iPhone, extending Amazon’s sales of digital books to devices beyond its Kindle e-book reader.

Amazon’s software application, which can be downloaded free of charge, allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to read books or periodicals purchased on the Web or through their dedicated Kindle device, usually for $9.99. Using a service that Amazon calls whispersync, the program keeps track of a readers’ latest page in any given book across both a Kindle and iPhone.

The iPhone application initially won’t be available for use outside of the U.S. Users will be allowed to have their books synchronized across six different devices at any one time.

Amazon выпускает программку для iPhone, которая позволяет покупать и читать подготовленные для Kindle книги. При это через Whispersync возможна синхронизация с Kindle. Пока вся эта радость только для пользователей в США.

Вот это и есть начало конца.

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